What do you know? Information Systems Department news

February 07, 2012

This just in: each month knowIT brings you news briefs from the faculty and students. Read on to meet a professor visiting from Australia and catch media appearances by our faculty.

Professor from University of Australia visits

In January the information systems department hosted a visiting scholar from the University of Sydney Business School in Sydney, Australia. Professor Olivera Marjanovic participated in seminars, worked with doctoral students, attended recruiting events and worked on joint research projects with several departmental faculty members. Dr. Marjanovic recently co-authored a paper with Michael Goul">Michael Goul and industry representatives from Teradata Corporation and Target, Inc. Their research addresses the likely advent of what will be called the ‘Enterprise App Store’ - an organization-wide software deployment approach modeled after the popular consumer-oriented Apple iTunes store. Using data scraped from over 5000 reviews of the top productivity apps in the iTunes store, the co-authors leveraged sentiment analysis tools to ascertain if requirements for new apps can be generated from app feedback text and scores. Results showed promise except for cases where apps are leveraged by individuals for both business and personal use. Separating the two types of usage was difficult for current tools. Marjanovic is co-editor of the International Journal of Business Intelligence Research.

Tech gadgets in 2012: Emergence, convergence and ascendance

Associate Professor Julie Smith David has identified three trends affecting digital devices this year: emergence, convergence and ascendance. While the Consumer Electronics Show was underway recently, she sat down with Syleste Rodriguez, host of the Channel 12 “Today Show” (Phoenix) to discuss these developments. Look for recently-released devices to evolve, she said, while at the same time the services we use converge on those devices. And more than ever our hand-helds will draw from the cloud.  Watch the segment

Facebook IPO: Quality investment?

The social networking site, Facebook, filed papers on February 1 to raise at least $5 billion in an initial public offering. But is it a good investment? Associate Professor Marilyn Prosch was interviewed by Phoenix NBC affiliate Channel 12 on just that topic. Prosch raised interesting points about Facebook’s business model as well as commenting on the relevant privacy concerns. An expert on privacy in the digital age, Prosh is frequently interviewed by the local and national media. Watch the report

Internship leads to successful career

Women in Technology -- a group formed this year by students interested in encouraging women to choose IT careers – heard speaker Lastassia Eidson at a recent meeting. Eidson’s on-air persona is “Lady La.” She hosts the morning show on 101.5 jamz http://1015jamz.radio.com/ radio in Phoenix. The first in her family to go to college, Eidson started out as a business student, but after completing an internship with a radio station, she fell in love with the industry. Eidson told students that she’s had to work hard to prove to her peers and bosses that she could do the job. In addition to her work in radio, Eidson integrates television, fashion and modeling into her career. Her message to women: be confident in the pursuit of technology-based careers.