Throughout College and Career: Keep These Ideals in Mind

January 07, 2013

A poster outside the departmental office reminds information systems students of the 10 ideals that can lead to a great career in IT. Developed by the department’s executive advisory board, this mantra could be adopted as a ready-made set of resolutions. Students looking ahead to starting a career should note that these are the qualities companies look for when hiring new employees. In view of that, the department has taken steps to weave these values and behaviors into its culture, explains chairman Michael Goul.

Championship IT: 10 Business Culture Ideals to Live By

  1. Get IT Done
  2. Process + Technology = Business Value
  3. Lead the Future:Innovate through IT
  4. Information IS the Answer
  5. Embrace, Evaluate and Manage Risks
  6. Inspire, Collaborate and Compete
  7. Seek Out and Grab Opportunity
  8. Challenge the Status Quo
  9. Deliver Excellence
  10. IT is the Future